News! Not Breaking but News . . .

After much thought, reading, note-taking and collaboration with fellow potters, I think I have discovered the reason why I have had pin holes.

#1:  The glazes were too thick.

So early spring, I adjusted my glazes.

The result was perfect on two of the three clay bodies.


#2: It is a particular clay-body.  

After talking with my clay supplier and showing them my test tiles, we agreed that it must be the clay body.

I also learned that this particular clay-body under went some “important changes” a couple years ago.

Coincidentally, that is when I started having the troubles.

block of clay

So, now what?

Ideally, I would love to sit behind my wheel and throw things unencumbered by technical stuff but that isn’t going to happen without getting technical with my clay.

In short, I plan to blend some clays in the hopes the pin holing with stop all together.

This means more work for me.

Hopefully, in the end, the added work will be worth it!

gghblnk2In the meantime, I unloaded the kiln this week.

Only two pieces suffered the dreaded pin holing.

The other pieces came out beautifully!



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