Technical Difficulties

Okay, so this happened.

My computer decided to “reformat” my external hard drive.

I don’t even know what that means except I can no longer access my files on the external hard drive that stores all of my photos!

Did you get that?





Trapped in my external hard drive!!!!

Image from Canva because I cannot access my photos on my hard drive.

Oh, I’ve had computer troubles before.

That is why I moved ALL. OF. MY. PHOTOS. to the external hard drive.

Honestly, every time something technologically goes wrong, it is a brand new issue that causes very profane language to emanate from my sweet grandmotherly mouth!

Image from Zazzle dot com.

Of course, THIS was the week where I had the TIME to share my photos, spend some time blogging about my photos and posting new photos of new inventory for my Etsy shop.

Didn’t happen!

Photo from 5 Common Computer Problems

This weekend, my IT guy (a.k.a. my husband) is going to look into this issue.

I’ll be cleaning out some junk draws and closets to keep out of his way.

Stay tuned . . .

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