I am sensing a theme for this year.


Life has changed since early March.

Shelter at home.

Social distancing.

Face masks.

Shortage of toilet paper, Lysol spray and  disinfectant wipes.

Here it is June of 2020.

I think I have finally grown accustomed to dear husband working from home.

Both of us have learned NOT to talk to each other BEFORE coffee.

We have been married for over 30 years and we are just now learning this?!?! 

Because my pottery studio is on our back porch, this time of year is my high production season.

My production has come to screeching halt.

I am having trouble with my kiln.

It has been under firing which means my kiln is shutting off too early resulting in less than stellar glaze results.

Over the next two weeks, dear husband and I will be figuring out why the kiln is under firing.

Hopefully, the fix will be easy and not costly.

I hope to be back into full production mode after the 4th of July.

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