22 Hours Later

It was a crisp November day. I loaded the kiln for the last time of the 2017 throwing season. Flipped the switch on the kiln expecting the glaze firing to  take 10 to 12 hours. When 10 hours passed, I suspected something was wrong. The results of the longest glaze firing ever . . . … Continue reading 22 Hours Later

A Little Bit About Glazing

Glazing is not my favorite part of the pottery process but when my pieces come out of the kiln, glazing is well worth the effort! Most of my pieces have two different glazes applied giving the pottery one color on the inside and another color on the outside. This process involves a combination of pouring … Continue reading A Little Bit About Glazing

Ready for Glaze ~ Last Batch of 2016

All my bottoms are waxed and ready to glaze! I can hardly believe this is my last big batch of pottery for the 2016 throwing season on my back porch.  Aside from my most popular item, pet dishes, I made a few new things this year: Organic Molded Bowls (To be listed soon but you … Continue reading Ready for Glaze ~ Last Batch of 2016

An Element of Surprise

 As any potter will tell you there is always an element of anticipation and surprise when you open the kiln after a glaze firing. A couple of weekend ago I glazed and loaded the kiln.  I tried a few new glaze combinations; some I liked and others I didn't and will not do again! (I'm … Continue reading An Element of Surprise

Today’s Pictures Brought to You by Rain

Because the forecast called for rain today, I was hesitant about firing the kiln. (My kiln is on a covered back porch...open to the elements.)  Luckily, no high winds!  We had a lovely gentle rain most of the day.  So, as I fired my first kiln load of the season, I  enjoyed taking photos of … Continue reading Today’s Pictures Brought to You by Rain

Last Bisque Firing of the Season

The kiln is loaded.  Ready to bisque fire tomorrow. Bisque firing is the first firing at a low temperature.  This first firing prepares the clay for glazing by removing all of the moisture from the piece leaving it porous but hard. The bisqued pieces are then ready for glazes.  After the pieces are glazed, they … Continue reading Last Bisque Firing of the Season

Back to the drawing board!

Well, here I go again with the crazing! It's crazy! I thought I figured out the cause; apparently not! Argh! The cause could be any number of things: the clay the glaze - it only happens with the clear glaze so that could be a clue! the combination of the clay AND the glaze glaze … Continue reading Back to the drawing board!

Fresh out of the Kiln

I unloaded the kiln this morning. There are a few minor disappointments but over all I'm pleased with the results.  I was disappointed in how several  paw prints turned out, rather they didn't.  Not sure what happened because I used the same technique as all the others.  Looks like our cats may get a few … Continue reading Fresh out of the Kiln