A Little Bit About Glazing

Glazing is not my favorite part of the pottery process but when my pieces come out of the kiln, glazing is well worth the effort! Most of my pieces have two different glazes applied giving the pottery one color on … Continue reading A Little Bit About Glazing

Ready for Glaze ~ Last Batch of 2016

All my bottoms are waxed and ready to glaze! I can hardly believe this is my last big batch of pottery for the 2016 throwing season on my back porch.  Aside from my most popular item, pet dishes, I made … Continue reading Ready for Glaze ~ Last Batch of 2016

Today’s Pictures Brought to You by Rain

Because the forecast called for rain today, I was hesitant about firing the kiln. (My kiln is on a covered back porch…open to the elements.)  Luckily, no high winds!  We had a lovely gentle rain most of the day.  So, … Continue reading Today’s Pictures Brought to You by Rain

Last Bisque Firing of the Season

The kiln is loaded.  Ready to bisque fire tomorrow. Bisque firing is the first firing at a low temperature.  This first firing prepares the clay for glazing by removing all of the moisture from the piece leaving it porous but hard. The bisqued pieces are then ready for glazes.  After the pieces are glazed, they will undergo a second firing, the glaze firing, where the high heat causes the glazes to melt and form a beautiful glassy coating over the clay. My hope is to have this kiln load finished and in my shop, Back Porch Studio on Esty, by … Continue reading Last Bisque Firing of the Season

Back to the drawing board!

Well, here I go again with the crazing! It’s crazy! I thought I figured out the cause; apparently not! Argh! The cause could be any number of things: the clay the glaze – it only happens with the clear glaze so that could be a clue! the combination of the clay AND the glaze glaze put on too thick heating or cooling in the kiln – too fast? too slow? too porous resulting from under firing – kiln not reaching desired temperature? and the list goes on… A note about crazing: Any and all glazes will craze over time. Functional … Continue reading Back to the drawing board!

Fresh out of the Kiln

I unloaded the kiln this morning. There are a few minor disappointments but over all I’m pleased with the results.  I was disappointed in how several  paw prints turned out, rather they didn’t.  Not sure what happened because I used the same technique as all the others.  Looks like our cats may get a few new dishes. It’s not that they use them . . . Continue reading Fresh out of the Kiln

Ambient Heat

The good news is our circuit breaker is working as it should!  The bad news is it is too hot outside!  Apparently, the hot summer heat in addition to the electrical heat from running the kiln created sooooo much heat that the circuit tripped  during my glaze firing on Monday. Two factors combine to heat up wires and circuits:  heat in the surrounding air (ambient heat) and the electrical current running through the wires.  According to recent studies by the Copper Development Association ambient temperatures in attics and garages can be any where from 30°F to 50°F higher than the outside … Continue reading Ambient Heat

Everything Running Smoothly . . .

until it’s not! I woke up bright and early this morning in anticipation of a glaze firing – new pet dishes large and small!  Everything was running smoothly until an hour and twenty minutes ago, the last leg of the firing, when the circuit breaker tripped.   I tried resetting the circuit breaker and restarting the kiln several times but when it looked like things were running smoothly, the circuit breaker tripped.  😦 This has happened before and we thought the problem was fixed.  (I’m using the royal “we” here when actually I am referring to my technical guy a.k.a my … Continue reading Everything Running Smoothly . . .