Sunflowers Maybe

Who doesn’t love sunflowers?

Creatures big and small love sunflowers!

I started planting sunflowers early spring all to have a creature eat every last sunflower seed!

I suspect a squirrel.

Photo by Juhasz Imre on

I planted another round sunflower seeds.

Thrilled to see them sprout to six to twelve inches in height!  Yeah!

Sunflower by Rabbit

Much to my despair,  a rabbit and ground hog found the new sunflowers a garden delight!

Sunflowers by Groundhog

August rolls around.  

The first sunflower surviver appears but with a little nibbling from the backyard squirrel. 

August sunflower by squirrel.

I planted my 3rd round of sunflowers in a flower pot next to my back porch.

They are ready to be transplanted because they are out growing their pot.  

Dare I move them to the wild back yard?  

Rabbits, ground hogs and squirrels! 

Oh my! 

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