Warming Up!

Temperatures in the 70’s this week! I am finally back behind the wheel after a very cold and wet spring! Grand-dog came by for a visit and curious as to what I was doing. Warming up my throwing muscles. Starting with 1/2 pound of clay. Making small bowls to sell as trinket or ring dishes, … More Warming Up!


Back home. . . These two are waiting for warmer weather and long sunny afternoons to return to the back porch. Who needs fancy store bought cat beds when a good old box will do. Notice they are plugged in. Because both are elderly cats, the warmth from the heating pad beneath the blanket makes … More Meanwhile

Cat Mayhem

Full moon April 2021. All known cat behavior and schedules flew out the window into the cool spring time air. Midnight ended up with a urinary tract infection.  He stopped drinking and eating and was very lethargic all of which was upsetting for Boo.  After calling seven vets on a Monday morning, we finally were … More Cat Mayhem

Long Winter’s Nap

Day ‘whatever’ inside with the humans due to the abominable cold white stuff all over the place outside.I grow tired and bored with the human toys – the curtains, upholstered furniture, carpet , throw rugs and house plants. Sigh…And so, I nap.

Fresh out of the Kiln

I unloaded the kiln this morning. There are a few minor disappointments but over all I’m pleased with the results.  I was disappointed in how several  paw prints turned out, rather they didn’t.  Not sure what happened because I used the same technique as all the others.  Looks like our cats may get a few … More Fresh out of the Kiln


My daughter’s cat, has been close to me all week; literally. She never paid me any attention until now. She’s even keeping me company on my back porch studio – bringing me all sorts of “treats” like birds and mice to try to cheer me up! UPDATE:  7/25 Did a bisque firing today.  She did … More Onward


I’m in a bit of a slump lately.  Think it is because my task master – kiln sitter walked right off the back porch last week and hasn’t been seen since; disappeared without a trace.