Whoa Monday

This is not the post I had in mind for today but it’s Monday so . . .

I overslept.

I woke up to husband having video conference with his work colleagues at the kitchen table. (He’s been working from home since the Mid-March covid virus outbreak.)

This meant I had to make my power morning smoothie in the man-cave garage.

My power smoothie: beets, grapefruit, kale, spinach sunflowers and stevia.

After my power smoothie, I ambled to the family room to do my morning yoga which quickly became cardio because . . .


One spider on yoga mat equals 1 pot of coffee and a week’s worth of cardio.

After my yoga cardio, I planned to take photos of the pottery from my latest glaze firing.

Beautiful blues!

But, we had a snafu with online grocery pickup which meant I needed to go aaaaallll the waaaay back to the grocery store, in person with mask on, to make a correction due to their error.

The error?

The shopper, who was filling our online order, gave us radishes instead of beets.

This was the 4th time this has happened!

And labels!?!?!

Does anyone read?!?!

Clearly NOT beets!

Beets, by the way, are the main ingredient in my power breakfast smoothie.

I have to have beets.

Not radishes.

So, Monday.



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