Behind the Scenes of a Part Time Potter

Today was glazing day.

And laundry day.

Glazing and laundry on the same day?

What could go wrong?

I shouldn’t ask.

It is still 2020 after all!

While eating lunch, I noticed a young Robin drinking from one of Miss Kitty’s handmade water bowls.

It is nice see other critters enjoying a drink from my ceramic pet dishes.

Miss Kitty, of course, prefers the dump truck.

Glazing wears me out which leads me to become forgetful, careless and impatient. (I often think of changing my business name to Pauline the Impatient Potter from Back Porch Studio.)

So, I write notes to myself reminding me what I need to do next.

You read that correctly. I have bottoms to wipe – clean glaze off of the bottoms of the pots so they don’t stick to the kiln shelf when fired.

That will have to wait until tomorrow because I am tired and have laundry to fold.

And here is another photograph of some sunflowers.


Because I worked so darn hard to grow them this year.

Happy Monday!

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