Update: And Then There Were Three

The three cats are growing used to their new home so much so they have taken to venturing outside.

The ginger cat has always been an indoor lap cat. King of his domain not sharing his human, food and space with other cats. Now look at him (photo in slideshow below)! All brave and outside, sort of!

The two black cats, one feral the other semi feral, have always enjoyed being king and queen of their domain. Free to come and go as they please. Being outside and around other cats comes natural to them.

This is all well and good except when all three cats want to go outside at the same time!

While the two black cats are genuinely curious about the ginger cat, the ginger will have NONE of it.


Which is why we have a spray water bottle handy!

Spray bottle training is a popular method of discouraging cats from engaging in unwanted behaviors, such as scratching furniture or climbing up on counters. (And I’ll add, to twart aggression.) Although spray bottle training is not recommended by most cat behavior professionals (insert eye roll), some people swear by it.

And swear by it…I do!


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