Cat Mayhem

Full moon April 2021.

All known cat behavior and schedules flew out the window into the cool spring time air.

Midnight ended up with a urinary tract infection.  He stopped drinking and eating and was very lethargic all of which was upsetting for Boo.  After calling seven vets on a Monday morning, we finally were able to find one who would see Midnight that very same morning.  

Meanwhile, Boo was very upset about Midnight being ill so much so she paced back and forth and meowed then disappeared for seven days!!! Boo reappeared on Sunday night. 

Sweetie does not get along with the other two.  As soon as he eyes on Midnight or Boo he howls, hisses and gets all bushy.  Boo and Midnight simply look at him as if to say “What is his problem?”.  So, Sweetie pretty much stays in “his” room (my office).  He will saunter out when he’s hungry or wants to go outside.  Provided another cat isn’t  in the near vicinity or outside, we will allow Sweetie out of his room. 

Midnight, is back to his ol’ self now but he no long hangs around in the basement with Boo. He spends all of his time in the living area upstairs with us or outside on the back porch.  Whenever Boo approaches Midnight, he hisses and she slinks away downstairs under the couch.

I don’t know what happened between those two.  They used to be thick as thieves. 

Boo spends most of her time in the basement.  She has become vocal since Midnight came down with his UTI. She is eating and drinking but because she was gone for 7 days, she has “weepy eyes” and sounds like a stuffy nose and I noticed she seems to be favoring one side of her mouth.

Boo has allowed me to touch her briefly, almost pet her, several times!  However, getting her into a cat carrier and to the vet will be another story!!! She is the most feral of the three. 

I wonder if these cats will ever acclimate to each other though each seems to have acclimated to “their” part of the house:

  • Sweetie in my office
  • Midnight in the upstairs living room among his people
  • Boo downstairs in the basement

Sigh . . . I hope our cat situation improves because I really don’t want to live like this much longer.

 Hopefully we are on the downside of cat mayhem for a while!

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