Would you look at that!

It’s mid-October.

And here I am running around like a squirrel gathering nuts before the snow falls!

Instead of gathering nuts . . .

I’m glazing and firing.

Glazing and firing.


Mugs, after their 1st firing, waiting to be glazed.
Glazed mugs drying.

When I’m not glazing and firing, you will find me on my back porch unloading the kiln and photographing my pottery for my Etsy shop (which is very low in inventory right now hence the glazing and firing, glazing and firing right now. Will be adding the NEW stuff at the end of the month!!!!)

Tah dah!!! Clay, glaze and heat results!!!!
Now, to photograph each and every piece for my Etsy shop.

In between glazing, firing, loading the kiln, unloading the kiln and photographing my pottery, you can find me at our grand’s soccer field. . .

and in our garden . . .

Some days I am a goddess.

Some days I am a wild child. 

And some days I am

A fragile mess.

Most days I am 

A bit of all three.

But every day

I am here


~unknown author

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