Three Cats One Year Later

Our three inherited cats have me well trained:

  • feeding times – rigid feeding times or else
  • culinary preferences (an expensive lesson to learn)
  • day time activities – napping
  • night time activities – yowling
  • door manager – open, outside; open, inside; repeat unless sniffing the air contemplating going outside or inside

As you can see below, the not-so-feral cat, pictured on the left, and the feral cat, pictured on the right, have made themselves very comfortable in our home especially on our new couch.

So the couch isn’t that new. It is a couple of years old. We bought it when our oldest moved out and took the old the couch. Yea! Empty nesters bought a brand new couch . . . for the cats.

They were on the couch basking in the warm sun when I snapped. Caught not-so-feral in mid yawn. Yeeaawn!

The ginger continues to be antisocial refusing get along with the other two. 

The ginger has his own room while the other two have free rein.

When the other two cats are downstairs or outside, the ginger likes to come out of his room and go for a “walk about” around the house. 

One day I found him peeking out from behind the Christmas tree so I snapped.

I spy with my little eye . . .

I have learned much from them:

  • Nap
  • Eat good food
  • It is okay to hide
  • Appreciate the small things in life
  • Sunshine is important
  • Live on your own terms

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