The End of A Season

When leaves fall as well as the temperature, it is time for me to call an end to my throwing season.

Because my back porch is not enclosed, I throw things during the warmer months.

The warmer months tend to be May through October around here.

But much work remains despite putting my pottery wheel away until spring.

Autumn in my BackPorchStudio

I watch clay dry, for one thing.

Pictured below are the last pieces I threw on my wheel last week.

I am patiently waiting for these to air dry.

Once the clay dries completely (greenware) these pieces will go into my electric kiln for a bisque fire. The bisque fire prepares the clay for glaze. The temperature of a bisque fire is 1830 – 1940F (999 – 1060C). πŸ”₯

Greenware: unfired air dried clay

Bisque fired pottery is called bisqueware and the pieces are now ready for glaze.

The glazed bisqueware is then fired again but at a much higher temperatures: 2232F (1222C).πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

After the glaze firing, it is time to take photographs of my pieces for my Etsy shop: BackPorchStudio

My photography studio is also on my back porch. I love the natural light and so does my furry assistant.

My photography studio with 100% natural light.

Though my favorite season is ending, a new season begins!

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