It’s Cucumber Season!

 UPDATE: 24 Hours Later! Delicious! Family says ‘not quite Claussen but close!” In other words, they are a hit! 

Taking a short break from pottery today to make pickles.  I do not like canning in the late summer because, well, it’s just too hot!  So I have been searching for “easy” refrigerator pickle recipes and I am giving this one a try from Beyer Beware.

It’s cucumber season! Doing some pickling today ~ easy refrigerator dill will be ready in 24 hours!

I tweaked the recipe just a tad.

  • I used kosher salt but half of what the recipe called for only because I have read in other recipes to use kosher not iodized salt.
  • Omitted sugar.
  • I used apple cider vinegar instead of regular vinegar.
  • I didn’t have any peppercorns but used equal amounts of ground pepper for the amount of peppercorns called for in the recipe.

Now, I wait! No heating up and steaming up the house!


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