Start to Finish

It starts with a ball of clay.

Each ball rolled out flat into a slab then placed over a hump mold.

A hump mold is a convex form over which clay slabs are draped until stiff enough to hold the shape.

When the clay is stiff enough to hold the shape, it is set aside and wrapped in plastic to dry slowly to prevent cracks and warping. This drying process takes seven to ten days.

The air dried clay piece is then ready for the first kiln firing. It is called a bisque firing which prepares the clay for glazes. The bisque firing takes nine to twelves hours.

Pretty pink bisqueware ready for glaze!

And still a bit chilly on my back porch!

And now the application of glaze.

The glazed pieces go back into the kiln for a second firing at a much higher temperature than the first (2232°F, 1222°C).

That’s hot!

Glaze firing takes 10 to 12 hours.

Tah dah!


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