Spam – I – am

Time marches on.

Trying to age gracefully.

Suffered loss this year.

Blessed gain this year.

And . . . I still cannot comment on some WordPress blogs.

The Happiness Engineers told me I needed to contact Akismet because my comments may be viewed as spam. 🙄

Not sure I’m up for this. I’m trying to age gracefully and technology is not my friend.

What I don’t understand is I am paying for WP blog and The Happiness Engineers want ME to do something🍷

In the mean time, check your spam folders. I may be in there!

Happy New Year!🥂

8 thoughts on “Spam – I – am

    1. Yes. A lot of ick in spam. 😬
      I do believe I can comment on your blog because you found me in spam and broke the Akismet-Spam spell. I just haven’t commented lately.
      But what I don’t understand is that I am paying for WP blog and the happiness engineers want ME to do something.

      1. Yes, exactly. I have had troubles in the past and found the happiness engineers polite but not particularly useful. To get my point, or problem, across it took a lot of time and energy to convince them to even acknowledge that I had a problem with the platform.

        I feel your pain.

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