Warming Up!

Temperatures in the 70’s this week!

I am finally back behind the wheel after a very cold and wet spring!

Grand-dog came by for a visit and curious as to what I was doing.

Warming up my throwing muscles.

Starting with 1/2 pound of clay.

Making small bowls to sell as trinket or ring dishes, kitchen prep bowls or small pet dishes.

Since these little bowls are fresh off the wheel, it will take a week to ten days for them to air dry.

Once dry, they go into my electric kiln for their first firing (a bisque firing).

After the first firing, the little bowls will be glazed then back into the kiln for a much hotter firing (a glaze firing).

If all goes well, these will be available for purchase in my Etsy shop by mid-June!

In the mean time, below is a sample of some cute small bowls and dishes I have made in the past.

The possibilities are endless!

A sample of what is to come this summer!

2 thoughts on “Warming Up!

  1. Love love love! 😊

    This is one hobby I’ve always wanted to try but lack of space and access to the outdoors, not to mention money for supplies has always been an issue. But it’s something to work toward.

    I love your pottery! Looking forward to checking out new items. 💟

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