Refire. Round Two.

It may not be the circuit breaker after all. After my technical team looked over the kiln, he discovered that two wires on one of the switches where touching!  Egads! That’s not supposed to happen!  The two touching wires may have been causing the circuit breaker to trip.

I’m refiring today and it is almost time to turn the last switch on and, I must say, I’m a bit nervous.    It’s that fourth and final switch that seems to be a dozy!  Wish us luck and stay tuned. . .I’ll post updates through the day here.

UPDATE 1:30 PM Forth and final switch is on with no snap, crackle or trip.

UPDATE 3:15 PMSmall sigh of relief! Kiln sitter just shut off; which means the kiln got to temperature!

So, do you know what this means?  It means the trouble was not the circuit breaker but the two wires touching on the last switch.

Now, guess what?  More waiting!  I will not be able see the effects of re-firing until the kiln cools which will be tomorrow late morning or early afternoon. 

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