22 Hours Later

It was a crisp November day.

I loaded the kiln for the last time of the 2017 throwing season.

Flipped the switch on the kiln expecting the glaze firing to  take 10 to 12 hours.

When 10 hours passed, I suspected something was wrong.

The firing lasted 22 hours 😱.

The results of the longest glaze firing ever . . .

Though not what I expected, I love how these turned out! (Even the plate is smiling!)

I’m calling it my Burnt Blue collection!  😱.

Spectacular hues of purples, browns and blues.

All three pieces sold.

I will not be able to recreate these results nor do I want to have a 22 hour firing again.

These are truly one of a kind.

I am so happy other people liked this unique Burnt Blue collection!

[Over the winter, a new element replaced the broken one.  Firing times are back to normal 🙂  ]


2 thoughts on “22 Hours Later

  1. “The firing lasted 22 hours” intrigued me. I thought, if someone’s going to tell me I’ve lost my job, that should take only a half hour or so! Beautiful results by the way.

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